The Expedition
The Science
The First Years at Scott Base

 Artefacts in the TAE/IGY Hut

  • Signage about hut: on front of inner door
  • Old Vanda Station signage - Do Not Spit On
    The Footpath
  • Scott Base sign (40th Anniversary 1957-1997 and map, metal – plaque on Base)
  • Vanda Dunlite wind generator Diotran power control
  • Ansul fire extinguisher
  • Red stirrup pump (red canister with roll of cloth in it)
  • Ice melter
  • Snow melter
  • Photo in frame of covered way original SB – no words or inscription
  • Ice axe
: 1 2 3 4 5
  • NZ Ant Research Programme: round sign on polystyrene (damaged)
  • Yellow windsock with green BP
  • Shacklock 501 stove
  • Mannequins with clothing of TAE. Presented by Wg. Cdr. J R Claydon (nosewiper gloves on tape, singlet (longsleeved), sleeveless zipped vest, windproof overhead parka, neckgaiter (cotton mesh), felt balaclava, goggles, checked shirt (wool), glove liner goes over arm and hand not fingers, mitten (cream wool), cotton long john bottom, padded trousers, windproof trousers, hand knitted woollen socks, suede type leather boots (indoor).
  • Model of cross-section Lake Vanda
  • Rubber stamp: Leader Vanda
  • Model: “How charged are you?” made by David Hornstein WO96
  • Wood plaque: US Navy, UH1N Twin Huey helicopter. Inscribed: Many Thanks 86-87 Vandals Colin, Dean and Joanne. From VXE-6
  • Brass Lands and Survey Dept marker