Frequently Asked Questions


- What do TAE and IGY stand for?
- Why is Scott Base painted green?
- How did Scott Base come to be located at
Pram Point?
- How cold, how warm and how windy is Scott Base?
- Is it true that the flagpole from Scott’s Discovery expedition (1901-04) is now at Scott Base?
- Where did the huskies come from and what
did they eat?
- What were the huskies used for and why
were they removed?
- What is the oldest building at Scott Base?
- How many people have visited Scott Base?
- Who has spent the most time for New Zealand
at Scott Base?
- Who decided on the name Scott Base?
- What is the largest and smallest number of people accommodated at Scott Base?
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What were the huskies used for and why were they removed?

The huskies were a good mode of transport in the early years of Antarctic exploration. They could travel 20 or 30 miles a day, which meant that over a month or so scientists could cover long distances. As the type of science changed and scientists needed to travel further, dogs were less useful.  Although new blood lines had been introduced over the years, inbreeding occurred and there were also problems with disease such as arthritis and deterioration of the heart.  Once seals become protected, killing them to supplement the huskies' diet became environmentally problematic.

The introduction of the motor toboggan or ‘tin dog’ in the 1960’s led to a gradual reduction in husky numbers. Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s dogs were really only used for recreational trips and the last animals were removed from Scott Base in February 1987.