Frequently Asked Questions


- What do TAE and IGY stand for?
- Why is Scott Base painted green?
- How did Scott Base come to be located at
Pram Point?
- How cold, how warm and how windy is Scott Base?
- Is it true that the flagpole from Scott’s Discovery expedition (1901-04) is now at Scott Base?
- Where did the huskies come from and what
did they eat?
- What were the huskies used for and why
were they removed?
- What is the oldest building at Scott Base?
- How many people have visited Scott Base?
- Who has spent the most time for New Zealand
at Scott Base?
- Who decided on the name Scott Base?
- What is the largest and smallest number of people accommodated at Scott Base?
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How cold, how warm and how windy is Scott Base?

Records kept by the National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) indicate the extreme maximum temperature recorded is +7.5º C in January 2002; the extreme minimum temperature recorded is -57º C in August 1968 and the highest wind speed was 196.5 km per hour in April 1972. (However, manual recording methods have registered wind speeds as high as 112 knots.)