Frequently Asked Questions


- What do TAE and IGY stand for?
- Why is Scott Base painted green?
- How did Scott Base come to be located at
Pram Point?
- How cold, how warm and how windy is Scott Base?
- Is it true that the flagpole from Scott’s Discovery expedition (1901-04) is now at Scott Base?
- Where did the huskies come from and what
did they eat?
- What were the huskies used for and why
were they removed?
- What is the oldest building at Scott Base?
- How many people have visited Scott Base?
- Who has spent the most time for New Zealand
at Scott Base?
- Who decided on the name Scott Base?
- What is the largest and smallest number of people accommodated at Scott Base?
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How did Scott Base come to be located at Pram Point?

The site originally selected was Butter Point, about 65km to the west of Scott Base. However, in 1956 when the ship Endeavour arrived to construct Scott Base, the sea ice was too thick and Butter Point was inaccessible. The US Navy Task Force Commander for Operation Deep Freeze, Admiral Dufek, then recommended Pram Point to Sir Edmund Hillary.