Frequently Asked Questions

- Who are the oldest and youngest people to visit Scott Base?
- Who designed and built the TAE/IGY base?
- What did the TAE/IGY programme cost?
- Who led the first party to spend a winter at Scott Base and when was this?
- What kind of science did people do when Scott Base was first established?
- When did the first woman visit Scott Base?
- Which year did the first woman spend a winter at Scott Base?
- What is the main danger at Scott Base and why?
- Apart from the huskies, have there been any other animals at Scott Base?
- How do you make water at Scott Base?
- How is the waste handled?
- How do you go to the toilet in the Antarctic?
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What is the main danger at Scott Base and why?

Fire is the main danger because water is a very precious commodity in Antarctica. All visitors to Scott Base receive instruction on procedures should fire break out. All winter-over staff have an intensive two weeks of fire training before travelling to Antarctica.  Regular fire drills are held and the alarm can sound at any time. A Fire Chief is responsible for a carefully selected fire fighting team. In the past 50 years there have been occasional fires but nothing serious.