Frequently Asked Questions

- Who are the oldest and youngest people to visit Scott Base?
- Who designed and built the TAE/IGY base?
- What did the TAE/IGY programme cost?
- Who led the first party to spend a winter at Scott Base and when was this?
- What kind of science did people do when Scott Base was first established?
- When did the first woman visit Scott Base?
- Which year did the first woman spend a winter at Scott Base?
- What is the main danger at Scott Base and why?
- Apart from the huskies, have there been any other animals at Scott Base?
- How do you make water at Scott Base?
- How is the waste handled?
- How do you go to the toilet in the Antarctic?
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When did the first woman visit Scott Base?

The first New Zealand female visitor to Antarctica was Marie Darby (a zoologist from Canterbury Museum) in 1968. However, Scott Base’s first official female resident was technician Pamela Young, who worked at the base during the summer of 1969-70. She assisted her husband Dr Ewan Young in studies of skuas at Cape Bird and later wrote a book on her experiences, entitled Penguin Summer.