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This site was created by Antarctica New Zealand to celebrate 50 years of New Zealand involvement in Antarctica.

Antarctica New Zealand
38 Orchard Rd
PO Box 4745
phone: 64 3 358 0200
organisation website:

Other organisations with an interest in, or collections relating to, the establishment of Scott Base, the Trans-Antarctic Expedition and New Zealand’s involvement in Antarctica include the following:

NZ Antarctic Society
The Society brings together people interested in Antarctica, to share knowledge in the fields of all sciences, exploration, discovery and mapping of Antarctica, to seek protection of the Antarctic environment, and to promote New Zealand's interests in Antarctica. The website has a page specifically for the 50th anniversary of Scott Base:

New Zealand Defence Force
Information about the role the NZ Defence Force has played in providing transport to the ice, over the past 50 years can be found at:

Vanda Station Group
A private Yahoo Group for those with an interest in Vanda Station has been set up.  Members can post messages to the list by sending a simple email, and receive posted messages either singly as regular emails, in a digest form, or by access online. To join, simply send a blank email to:

Canterbury Museum
The Museum collection includes artefacts from the Hillary-Fuchs Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic expedition of 1956-58.  It also has Antarctic-related manuscripts and pictorial collections.  Search (the National Register of Archives and Manuscripts) for a listing of original documents held by the Museum, or visit the Museum’s website at:

Archives New Zealand
Archives New Zealand holds items of interest from government bodies, such as departmental files, film footage, photographs and newspaper clippings. To search their collections, visit:

They also have a small virtual exhibition space showing items relating to the Trans-Antarctic Expedition. It includes an envelope addressed to Sir Edmund Hilary and some material samples, showing one of several options being considered for the party's clothing.  See them at:

Sound Archives/Nga Taonga Korero
Sound Archives/Nga Taonga Korero is New Zealand's radio archive, responsible for managing, collecting, preserving and providing access to the nation's recorded radio heritage. The various collections include fascinating recorded material on Scott Base, the Trans-Antarctic Expedition and New Zealand's involvement in Antarctica. To search the collections, or make an enquiry,

International Polar Year
The International Polar Year (IPY) will actually run from March 2007-March 2009 to allow researchers the opportunity to work in both polar regions, or to work summer and winter if they wish. Antarctica New Zealandís IPY website has information about the various NZ-funded projects and contains links to many other sites. It can be accessed through the Antarctica New Zealand website homepage or directly at:

Terry McTigue's website
Bill McTigue went to Antarctica as part of a US government survey team.  His daughter Teresa has a website showcasing his photographs which includes at least one of Hillary in Antarctica in 1957.  To view her Antarctic collection, go to: